Calculation first, then financing.

If you already have your eye on a particular property, it will certainly be interesting to know about the financial aspects when you buy it. By using our financing and rent calculators, you can quickly calculate the cost of a rented property (as a capital investment) as well as vacant living space (for owner-occupancy) from our range of current offers.

Capital Investment Calculator

You are interested in a rented flat as a capital investment or for a pension arrangement? Very often, the monthly incoming rent will, for the most part, cover your monthly financing costs, even if you finance the total buying price! Look for a flat from our current offers and try it out now, you’ll be surprised.

Rent Calculator

Or are you looking for your own accommodation. Based on your current rent, find out in one easy step how much a property for owner-occupancy can cost without having an increase of your monthly expenses.

Borrowing requirement for investment
Capital investment calculator
Rent calculator